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Rod Davis Pty Ltd is a project management consultancy in the construction and property development industry. Rod Davis is the face of this 22 year old consultancy. The consultancy’s management of the built environment encompasses design management, funds aquistion, government approval and project delivery, across a wide range of projects. These projects include a billion dollar track record across residential, industrial, civil engineering, tourism and commercial projects, through Australia and Asia.

Rod Davis at 55 is a leader, who has been a ‘manager-for hire’ most of his working life,  from his twenties when he had upwards of 1000 employees and contractors working for him, through to board positions for private and public companies, and elected roles in local government. Rod works in compassioanate roles for aid work projects, and has led some serious campaigns and legislative drives on matters of environmental care. There is a lifetime of technical experience in design and construction, as consultant,  but as a developer,  a contractor, and a elected local leader, Rod’s main game is management and leadership.

In an elected local government role, Rod was instrumental in bringing a final, eco sensitive conclusion, to the 25 year battle over development in one of the world’s most sensitive biodiversity hot spots, Australia’s Daintree rainforests. That role, combined with town planning innovations in energy efficiency and green design, saw Rod behind his communities’s win in Australia premier planning awards.

 Mango Lagoon, Palm Cove

This site contains resume of the consultancy’s previous projects, and input into related legislative fields, with specialist interest areas in marine and environmental areas, at the cutting edge of new thinking. Innovation in both design outcomes, as well as innovation the actual construction methods to get there, are theme of Rod’s career.

Rod Davis has a Degree in Building from Sydney’s University of NSW, where he studied from1974 to 1978. Accordingly, Rod is a qualified Quantity Surveyor. Rod is a graduate of Sydney’s Shore School.

Recent years has seen the Rod leading in the development needs of the tourism sector in Asia and tropical Australia, for clients like Accor. Rod has designed, built and managed his own boutique hotel…, along with other tourism and residential developments of his own. Davis pioneered the online booking and marketing of tours and accomodation in 1999, and as a community leader, lead the reform of Queenslands most successful local tourism promotion body, the  Port Douglas and Daintree Tourism association. Rod  has 10 years experience in radio broadcasting, having owned and managed his own local radio station, and is a regular commentator and columnist from Asia and Australia.

Highrise commercial development was where Rod cut his teeth in his late twenties, then being invited to a board directing projects at a spend rate of $1,o00,ooo a day.

Davis also worked pro bono in project managing relief aid work, after the Asian Tsunami in southern Sri Lanka. He maintains ties to a special Australian Aboriginal community.

Rod is not all about career, and has sailed his own yacht across the Indian Ocean, and has spent years sailing parts the Pacific and Caribbean. He has also ridden motorbikes across the Andes, the Alps and through Asia. He has two beautiful children,  Sam and Francesca, currently finishing degrees in Economics Law, and Media .

As a ‘rent-a-manger’, Rod Davis brings a lot more experince to a project, than shows below the iceberg tip.