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Monday, January 7th, 2008

Project management in the property development and construction industry is focus of this site, in the contract services provided by Rod Davis. In a nutshell, this site is a resume of the projects, interests and services of Rod Davis. Rod has worked across in PNG, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and  Australia, with a more recent emphasis ‘client-side’ management. The consultancy’s  recent emphasis has been in the hotel and tourism sector across large projects in Bali and PNG. Rod also has a background on large commercial high rise, industrial and residential projects. This site  lays out  a simple photographic record of his project management track record.

The consultancy is often engaged to  manage the early design, approval and funding stages of projects, as a prelude to its following role, delivering the project. This ‘front end’ involvement has seen Rod in roles as a legislator and townplanner. Rod has also been active in managing  environmental innovation. Running parralel to this, Rod has been active in print, radio  and online media, and as either a contributor or media owner.

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Rod Davis’s background,  spans across a range of projects, from main stream commercial development to  Sri Lankan Aid work, marine, residential, industrial and office tower projects. Rod’s  career spans 35 years form a freshly qualified a Bachelor of Building (UNSW), then working as a contractor’s project manager for companies like Leighton and Girvan,   to occassionaly working as a developer of his own right, but more often being engaged by other developers, as thier right hand man.

This site is a simple gallery of Rod’s project photos.

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Skype : roderick.davis2

Australian Mobile  +61 418235561